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Share your Wi-Fi and keep your clients updated and happyy!

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Meet your customers from your wireless network!

A revolutionary device that will change the way your clients access the Internet

At present your clients have a variety of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) with great demands for safe and high speed access to the Web. By adjusting spotyy to your existing line (ADSL – VDSL) your clients will experience the difference when accessing the Web from your facilities.
Moreover, you can offer interactive services such as messages pop up when online, frequent client rewarding, evaluation webpage for rating your services. At the same time, you can share your WI-FI in a reliable and profitable way!

Spot your Wi-Fi with your clients. Designed for:

#Hotels, guesthouses, camping, conference rooms, etc.
#Amusement facilities, coffee shops, gyms, schools, etc
#Municipalities, culture centers, museums, etc

#Public Transportation & Places,etc



Presentation spotty

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Here is a short description of the main characteristics of the device

Evaluation page

Ask your client to rate your services

Message campaign

Immediate message campaign on your clients devices

Social media clients

Your clients have a name as soon as they connect to your network

Online catalogue

Your clients can order easily through your online menu using their native language

Reporting and statistics

View the use and availability of your network

Local balancing and security

Speed management and safe access


All the hotel’s guests demand reliable access to the internet. You will receive only positive feedback/comments when you fulfil their expectations


By granting access codes with expiration date on the day of the client’s departure you secure and safeguard your network

Conference rooms

Make good use of the device’s possibilities and send reminders and orientation messages to the participants

Amusement facilities

Inform your clients of your offers and your menu. Send messages on their devices regarding your scheduled events

Coffee shops

If your clients connect through social login (Facebook) instead of an access code, you expand your e-customers/friends


Inform your customers on your new programs and products. Accessing your network without a password makes it easier for your client and more appropriate for your resources


Students’ safe access to the school network is the rule. Communication through social media networking is staying in touch

Municipalities – museums

Informing the citizens, safe access to the internet and services rating is now an integral part of the public services available to the citizens

  • Add your clients to your Facebook Fans

    Invite your clients to access your network without password but through their Facebook account and to like your Facebook page. So now your clients have a name

  • Clients reward

    Every client to have accessed your network certain number of times will receive targeted personalized messages – offers. Upon their first access they will receive a welcome message and upon multiple log-ins they will receive a message upgrading them to silver members (e.g. upon 50 log-ins) or to gold members (to 100 log-ins). The number of log-ins represents the frequency of their presence to your facilities

  • Menu/Catalogue display

    Activate your menu page and inform your clients on your products/services available to them or that you want to promote. We can also include the prices of your products/services in your menu

  • Ask for their opinion

    Activate your evaluation page and ask your clients to rate the quality of your services easily, quickly and efficiently

  • Safe & reliable access

    The device is ideal for areas with low speed access since it shares the spectrum of your line/lines in a reliable manner. You have the possibility to choose the access speed from automatic, high, medium and low, based on the number of connections

  • Quick access to the internet

    Accessing your network without password is easy, fast and efficient

  • Clients’ reward

    Are you a frequent client? It’s time for your reward. It is possible for a reward offer to appear upon log-in. The reward message is related to the frequency of your presence in the facilities

  • Product/services evaluation

    Are you a satisfied client or have you any complaints? Rate the products or services provided to you, anonymously or not, in a direct and reliable way

  • Offer notification

    ΤYou will not miss a thing any more! Find out all the offers now!

  • Connect the device to your ADSL/VDSL Router

    The device connection is simple. The device is compatible to all devices. Connect it to your own ADSL/VDSL router (you need to turn off your existing Wi-Fi connection). In alternative if there are several outputs, you can connect all of them to spotty device

  • Configuration process through the website

    Visit the website www.panel.spotyy.com and write down the configuration codes of your device. You can choose for your clients how they are going to have access into internet with the use of (free, pass-words, like on Facebook etc.) or by sending targeted personalized messages. You can also activate the protection software against mailware or indecent content

  • Customize your welcome page

    The home page will be adjusted to your requirements. You have the opportunity to select the background, the logo and the welcome message (in 4 languages) on your home access page for your clients. Ask your clients to rate your services to find out what they think of you!


Find out about all new possibilities and upgrades. Your device can be upgraded automatically

A single access point

Single internet access without the use of codes at all points lying and service works. Look for stores or premises to mark (my.spotyy).... more

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